This guide is what you should pre-order and where you should pre-order it and what you'll get when you do.

The different versions of Halo: ReachEdit

Like Halo 3 before it there will be three different flavors of Halo: Reach. These versions include the Standard, Limited and Legendary Editions. The game is the same, but each package comes with some different goodies.

Standard EditionEdit

The standard edition of Reach is like any other Xbox 360 game. It comes with the case, manual, and disc. It will retail for $60 USD.

Limited EditionEdit

The limited edition of Reach comes in an ONI black box. You'll get the game in addition to Dr. Halsey's personal notes (written by Eric Nylund), Dr. Halsey's ONI badge, a Spartan-II embroidered patch and a special set of Elite armor, the Elite Officer variant. It will retail for $80 USD.

Legendary EditionEdit

The Legendary Edition (you capitalize that bitch) comes in a massive case that, in addition to the entirety of the limited edition (including the black box and Elite Officer armor) is a ten inch tall diorama of Noble Team hand crafted and painted by McFarlane. You will get all of this and a special Flaming Helmet armor effect, emulating Bungie's personal armor from Halo 3. It will retail for $150 USD.

Pre-Order BonusesEdit

These bonuses are universal for all editions of the game. Please ask your local store if they'll be participating in any of these giveaways, as not all parts of the world are.

The Recon HelmetEdit

The Recon Helmet is a permutation returning from Halo 3. In North America it will be available when the game is purchased on September 14th (Launch Day) regardless of pre-order, but in other parts of the world you must pre-order the g ame. This is presumably to entice gamers to buy the game new.

The UA/Multi-Threat Chest ArmorEdit

The UA/Multi-Threat Chest Armor is a permutation made from the Scout chest and Emile's grenade belt. To obtain this bonus you must pre-order your copy of Reach at Gamestop. The code to unlock the armor will be printed on the receipt at time of purchase or in the confirmation e-mail, so make sure to KEEP YOUR RECEIPT! It is unknown at this time if it is available anywhere other than North America.