A list of options in the Armory, as well as sketch showing us what he looks like at the moment.

The Armory is what happens when Armored Core's armor customization and Call of Duty's player investment are thrown in to a blender and lit on fire. Players spend earned Credits, or Cr, in order to buy armor permutations and variants to badassify and upgrade their Spartan III.


As opposed to Halo 3's simple armory that featured only helmets, chest pieces and shoulder pieces, Halo Reach features far more. In addition to helmets, chest pieces and shoulder pieces, we also get wrist pieces, knee guards, utility pieces, armor effects, alternate colors for the visor and alternate voices for firefight.

Not only do we have more categories to pick from, but there are a plethora more options in each category than there were in Halo 3. In Halo 3, there were a total of eleven armor systems In Halo Reach, you start with at least twelve systems being visible. There are dozens upon dozens of armor systems to choose from.

The Spartan that you make in the Armory is used universally across Reach. That means that you use this Spartan in Campaign, Firefight, and Multiplayer. Firefight voices apply only to firefight. In campaign, Noble 6's voice will change depending on the gender used by the player.

How it worksEdit

There are a few things that I should explain before continuing. There are a few different "statuses" or "modes" that a piece of armor could be in: Unlocked, Available, Visible, and Locked.


Unlocked armor is armor that you can wear. You start with the Mark V [B] armor by default and unlock armor by purchasing them from the armory using cR, using a code (most likely obtained through pre-order), or by completing various achievments in Reach and other Halo games and then updating your career in Halo: Waypoint.


Available armor is armor that you can purchase, but you have not purchased. This may be considered a subcategory of Visible armor.


Visible armor is armor that you can see in the armory, but cannot yet purchase. This is most likely due to you not having a high enough rank to purchase said armor. Armor can be made visible through ranking up and by making other purchases.


Locked armor is armor that is not yet visible to you, either due to not having a high enough rank or not making the purchases required to see it.

Armor VariantsEdit

Mark V [B] Helmet N/A The default helmet available to you. It is the helmet used by the previous Noble-6, Thom-293. It is a privatized verson of the Mark V armor that bares a resemblance to Mark VI. It includes UA and UA/HUL attachments.
Reach 10225028 Medium
CQC Helmet/Shoulders N/A / Lt. Colonel The CQC helmet is the predacessor to the Mark VI CQB helmet. It is available by default. The shoulders are large plates that cover the entire bicep area and shoulder, and were available in the Beta as "Scout" shoulders. The helmet includes CBRN and UA/HUL attachments.
Reach 10225090 Medium
ODST Helmet/Chest/Shoulders N/A / Warrant Officer / Captain Standard issue armor for those prone to dropping feet first in to hell. ODST is making its return from Halo 3 in style. The helmet, which includes UA/CNM and CBRN/HUL attachments, is best used with the Silver visor for full-on bad assery.
Reach 15774223 Medium
HAZOP Helmet/Shoulders N/A / N/A HAZOP armor is standard issue for SPARTANs going in to hazardous operations due to its ability to withstand extreme environments. It's the HAZMAT suit of 2552. The helmet includes CBRN/HUL and CNM-I attachments.
EOD Helmet Sergeant Standard issue armor for Imperial Stormtroopers explosive ordinance specialists. The helmet itself was designed specifically to decrease the chance of decapitation from explosions. This is a returning helmet from Halo 3 but the appearance has had a major overhaul. It includes only the helmet (CNM and UA/HUL attachments). There was an EOD shoulder plate in the Beta, but it was changed to GUNGNIR armor.
Operator Helmet/Shoulders Sergeant/Commander A helmet developed solely for ONI's Beta-5 Asymmetrical Action Group. Seeing as it's usable only by ONI personnel, that essentially makes this armor the special forces armor of special forces armor. The helmet includes UA/HUL and CNM attachments.
Grenadier Helmet/Chest/Knees/Shoulders Warrant Officer/Captain/Lt. Colonel/Colonel Grenadier armor is an up-armored variant of the standard Mark-IV helmet. The helmet includes UA and UA/FC attachments. It should be noted that, in addition to the standard Grenadier chest, that an Up-Armored variant that includes Jorge's face shield is available upon reaching General.
Air Assault Helmet Warrant Officer The Air Assault helmet was developed to be a replacement for the ODST helmet, but wasn't put in to service by the time the Human-Covenant war ended. Kat uses a variant of this helmet, but it is unavailable to the player. Available variants include the UC/CNM and FC-I attachments.
Scout Helmet Captain The Scout helmet is the older brother of the Mark VI Scout helmet seen in Halo 3. It is the helmet used by Jun during the events of the game. It includes HU/RS and CBRN/CNM attachements.
EVA Helmet/Shoulders Major / N/A The EVA helmet has made its triumphant return from Halo 3, and now it doesn't suck! Designed for zero-g extra-vehicular activity, it resembles a helmet that would be used by an astronaut. The helmet includes CNM and UA/HUL[3] attachments.
JFO Helmet/Shoulders Lt. Colonel / N/A The JFO armor is used by Joint Firing Observers, who coordinate fire support from aircraft, naval vessels, and land based artillery. They call in the big guns. The helmet includes HUL-I and UA variants.
Commando Helmet/Chest/Shoulders Commander/Colonel/Commander The Commando armor is the variant used by Carter, the highest ranked SPARTAN known, and as such it can be assumed that it is meant for high ranking officers. The chest piece was available in the Beta under the same name. The helmet includes CBRN/CNM and UA/FC-I[2] attachments.
EVA[C] Helmet Commander The EVA[C] armor is the variant used by Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley, second in command of Task Force 141. It's distinguishable from the standard helmet due to the fact that there's a fucking skull carved in to it.
Mark V Helmet/Shoulders Lt. Colonel / Brigadier Nostalgia bomb. Hard. The MJOLNIR Mark V is the armor variant used by the SPARTAN-IIs just prior to and following the Fall of Reach, including triology protagonist John-117. Best used with the default chest and Grenadier knees for full effect. The helmet includes CNM and UA attachements.
Reach 13845772 Medium
Pilot Helmet Commander The Pilot helmet is the standard issue helmet for UNSC pilots. Go figure. It heavily resembles the SPI helmet used by SPARTAN-IIIs, and the game admits as much. It includes HUL[3] and UA/HUL[3] variants.
Recon Helmet/Chest/Shoulders Colonel / N/A / N/A The once coveted Recon armor is now the property of everyone everywhere due to the ridiculously large ammount of first day purchases. The chest and shoulders are notably less cooler looking than their Halo 3 counterparts. The helmet includes a UA/HUL[3] attachment available only to those who purchased Reach soon after launch.
Mark VI Helmet Brigadier The Mark VI armor now finds itself in the opposite role of the Recon armor: once used only by noobs and beginners, it is now highly coveted due to the high rank required to obtain it. The Mark VI helmet is the new and improved MJOLNIR helmet featured in Halo 2 and Halo 3. It includes FC-I[2] and UA/HUL-I attachments.
GUNGNIR Helmet/Shoulders/Knees Brigadier / N/A / Captain Project GUNGNIR, according to Dr. Halsey, has been one of the few programs implemented that has seen success against the inssurection. Due to that success, it was one of the projects that was repurposed for use against the Covenant. Helmet attachments include HU/RS and CBRN.
Security Helmet/Shoulders General / General The Security armor has made its triumphant return, albeit with less pronounced bug eyes. This particular helmet is based off of the protagonist of the Marathon series, the "Security Officer." The helmet includes UA/HUL and CBRN/CNM attachments. It should be noted that the right Security shoulder is much more expensive than the left, as there's a giant fucking knife attached to it.
Military Police Helmet/Chest/Shoulders N/A / N/A / Major The Military Police MJOLNIR variant is used to patrol the outer colonies and is a shared asset with Beta-5 Security. This armor is used by the soldiers and marines throughout the events of Reach and Halo:CE. The helmet and chest armor are available only through Halo: Waypoint. Attachments include CBRN/HU/RS and UA/HUL.
CQB Helmet N/A The CQB armor has made its return along with its older brother, the CQC armor. Short of a few cosmetic tweaks, this is the same helmet that we all had in Halo 3. This helmet and its attachments (HU/RS/CNM and UA/HUL) are available only through Halo: Waypoint.
FJ/PARA Shoulders/Knees N/A / N/A The FJ/PARA armor set is most likely intended for use with the plethora of other air-based armor available. The set is designed to have maximum protection with minimum weight.
Jump Jet Shoulders N/A The Jump Jet shoulders are prototype safety restraints for a new jump jet system.
Multi-Threat Shoulders/Chest N/A / N/A The Multi-Threat armor was designed to increase protection but not so much that it hinders the movement of the SPARTAN, making sure that they're still capable of the legendary feats for which they are known. The chest piece was only available through Gamestop pre-order.
Sniper Shoulders Brigadier The Sniper shoulders allow for a place to hold some extra sniper rounds. For whatever reason, each shoulder only holds three rounds, making for less than a full magazine. Not that it matters, as it doesn't effect gameplay in any way.
Tactical/LRP Chest N/A Many soldiers and marines use this type of chest piece which adds an additional three pouches to your SPARTAN's chest.
Tactical/Patrol Chest Captain The Tactical/Patrol chest piece adds a harness to the SPARTAN's chest that holds a small piece of ghillie in place. Unlike Jun's variant, the variant available to the player lacks the stylish fanny pack.
HP/Halo Chest N/A Supplemental armor that's compatible for HALO gear.
HP/Parafoil Chest Colonel Supplemental armor and harness. Comes in a robotic arm variant at Brigadier.
UA/Counter Assault Chest N/A Supplemental armor with storage space.
Collar/Breacher Chest/Wrist Lt. Colonel / General Apparently designed with close quarters indoors combat in mind, the Breacher armor comes with a supplemental armor collar and bonus shotgun shells across the chest. Also available in robot arm flavor.
Assault/Sapper Chest Commander The chest piece prominently featured in Modern Warfare 2. Packed to the brim with grenades on grenades on grenades. Also available in robot arm flavor.
Buckler Wrist
Bracer Wrist
TACPAD Wrist Major A tactical command wrist pad for use by commanding officers and tacticians.
UGPS Wrist Lt. Colonel A tracking unit for use by pathfinder and sniper units.
Chobham Utility Bonus armor, for your legs.
Hard Case Utility A pencil box, but for adults.
NXRA Utility The thigh armor used by amost every soldier and marine during the events of Reach and Halo:CE.
Trauma Kit Utility A small medpack for self use. Most probably contains bio-foam and vodka (for radiation, of course).
Soft Case Utility Colonel A bag that holds things, which you figure would be the most common attachment...