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The average game of Arena Slayer.

The Arena is a multiplayer playlist that features all slayer all the time. It is the only playlist that features a traditional skill rank in Halo: Reach.

Ranking and DivisionsEdit

Divisions are rankings broken down by percentage, and the percentage you make it in to is dependent on your Kill/Death Ratio (KDR) and how often you win matches in the Arena. Stats from other playlists do not factor in to Arena ranking, including your actual exp/cR determined rank. Divisions are broken down in to several categories: Steel, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Onyx. Each rank highlights 20% of the community (Steel is the bottom 20%, Onyx is the top 20%). Your division resets every month. You previous ranks and division placements are viewable on your Service Record. Daily rankings, used to place you into a division, are given to you after you have finished three games in the Arena. Using a formula, you're given a numerical rank. This rank can be improved if you play more games, as the ranking system gives you the benefit of the doubt and averages your top three games to create your daily rank.


  • The formula for your daily rankings makes it mathmatically possible to achieve a rank of 1750, but due to some variables it's actually impossible to get said rank in practice.