MA37 Assault Rifle

The MA37 Assault Rifle is a service rifle used by the UNSC Army during the events of Halo: Reach. It is called the MA5 Assault Rifle by other branches of the military. It is the basic model of the MA5B (used in Halo:CE), the MA5C (used in Halo 3) and the MA5K (a carbine used by the SPARTAN-IIIs during the events of Ghosts of Onyx).


Firing Mode Fully Automatic
Rate of Fire 100 Rounds per Minute
Magazine Capacity 32 Rounds
Ammunition Capacity 9 Magazines (288 Rounds)
Rounds to Kill 20 Rounds (Fully shielded SPARTAN)
Misc Effects Due to the reticule bloom, firing in short controlled bursts is ridiculously accurate. However, using a DMR is still faster due to its ability to land headshots.