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Battle Bros in striking a pose.

Battle Bros are a close knit unit of comrades who can, when required, do everything. This unit acts as a formless entity, able to envelope an enemy and then destroy them.

How to be a Battle BroEdit

To be a Battle Bro you must have a friend. This may be difficult for the average /v/irgin, but any and all Bros are capable of being Battle Bros. It helps if you have an actual Bro or a close friend.

Now you've got to act as a single unit. These are the only steps involved. You'll know when you're a Battle Bro.

When is it profitable to be a Battle Bro?Edit

It's most profitable to be a Battle Bro when you play in any team based game, specifically Invasion as it is the only game mode featured so far that allows you to spawn on your Battle Bro. Battle Bros are also extremely profitable in Firefight, but they aren't required.